3 Ways Magnesium is Your Perfect Gym Buddy

Every athlete knows that recovery is just as important as training for performance. And every person that has joined their friend to a random bootcamp class on a weekend knows that recovery is KEY to being able to comfortably walk down stairs for the next week. No matter what kind of movement you are doing, supporting your muscles is always a good idea. We've brought Earth Oil on hiking trips, we've put Earth Oil on after lifting a box weird and hurting our neck, and we've used Earth Oil on our necks to help the vagus nerve and digestion. 
Magnesium is a necessary element needed for the body to function. Each and every cell in your body uses magnesium to create adenosine triphosiphate (ATP) which is ~energy~ stored and created in the body. It is the energy you use to literally do everything from move, think, and breath but it is also the precursor to DNA and RNA. Not something you want to be deficient in. 
Here are three ways that magnesium helps your muscles! 
  1. No More Post-Workout Pain

    One of the reasons we feel sore after a workout is a buildup of lactic acid on the muscles. Applying Earth Oil topically to the muscles that are sore can help your body get rid of the lactic acid buildup that is causing pain, and bring oxygen to the muscle tissue to help them heal faster. 


  2. Makes Your Brain Faster 

    Magnesium helps glucose availability in the brain which means you're able to create a fast brain-body connection. This means that when you join that spin class in the dark and people start dancing on a bike you might be able to join in. No promises though. 


  3. Just Makes You Stronger 

    Being strong isn't about picking things up in a gym and putting them back. It's about picking things up in life and putting them back down. Laundry? You got it. Dog is scared of stairs? NP! The almond butter jar is super tight? NBD. A study took regular people and tested their strength then let them go back to their normal lives and changed nothing but magnesium intake. After a few weeks they tested them again and found they were all so much stronger. 



Use Earth Oil after a big workout (or a small workout) to help your muscles heal so you can go again tomorrow! Or just sleep in! 

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