3 Weird Signs That You Need Magnesium

Because human's have evolved with the earth, everything that the earth is made of is inside of us (cute!). The earth has a lot of water, we have a lot of water, the earth has sodium, we have sodium, the earth has magnesium..okay you get it. When we are living very close to the earth, and in nature it is easy for our skin to absorb what it needs from the earth in terms of minerals. We swim in lakes and oceans, we walk barefoot, we plant vegetables, and all of these things allow us to physically connect with the earth. Living in the city makes all of this very hard, especially if you live in a cold climate and go months without touching the earth. There are ways you can tell that you need more magnesium in you life and some of them are a bit surprising! 

You've got a short temper

Wavering moods, mental clarity, attention problems, and anxiety seem like distinct conditions, but they all have a common thread: they signal that the mitochondria, the structures that power your cells, in your brain are struggling.

Turns out, the availability and balance of magnesium determines how much energy your mitochondria make.The available energy in your brain determines how clearly you think, how intensely you can focus, how calm or anxious you feel, how happy you feel, and how you respond to stress. Having adequate amounts of magnesium will help regulate all of these issues.


PMS points to an excess of estrogen. One of the main ways your body gets rid of estrogen is through the bowels. When your digestive system works well, your body produces and excretes estrogen at a good pace for your body. When things slow down, such as with a magnesium deficiency, estrogen hangs out in your intestinal tract too long. Your body will absorb the excess estrogen and this will lead to a hormonal imbalance and PMS symptoms. 

Muscle Cramps or Soreness 

Every muscle in your body depends on magnesium to keep this system working properly. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you might need more magnesium for your nerves and muscles to play nicely together:
- Cramping or muscle soreness 
- Heart palpitations 
- Eye twitching 
- Restless leg syndrome 

These symptoms can also be a sign of other things going wrong in the body so it is always a good idea to check in your your doctor! 

Want to know the secret to getting enough magnesium? It's not in a pill, it;s actually through your skin! Some researchers believe that so many people are deficient because we no long touch earth anymore by walking barefoot or gardening. 

Purchase some luxury magnesium oil here & see what it does for your health and for your skin!

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    • I love this oil!
      I use it to massage my feet, neck and shoulders nightly! By the time I am drifting off to sleep my muscles are relaxed and their soreness has been released. I have been using steadily for 3 months and still have over half a bottle!
      I love that it is all natural and that I actually get relief! I have also purchased for my mother, who has a magnesium deficiency and she has also had great results!


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