5 Reasons We Made Earth Connection Oil


To anoint, it the act of rubbing oil on one's self or another. This has been done by many cultures and within almost all of them this ritual is sacred and the belief ranges from garnering a close to connect to god to have mystical healing powers. 

The use of Earth Connection Oil is meant to be a ritual. It is a moment to connect with yourself--to check-in, and to adorn yourself. 

1. Less toxins 

If the first ingredient on your moisturizer is water then it means two things: there is probably an emulsifier and a preservative in the product as well. It is our aim at Earth Connection Oil to keep things as natural and simple as possible. We use three ingredients. That's it. All of them are organic and all of them are sourced responsibly. 

2. Oil is amazing for you skin

Using an oil helps moisturize your skin. Beyond that, there is also an antimicrobial factor which will help balance the skins microbiome, and help with anti-aging. 

3. Magnesium is a Super Rock

Magnesium helps with over 300 functions in your body and a lot of us don't get enough from our diet. This is because magnesium is best applied transdermally! Supporting your body with magnesium can help with better digestion, sore muscles and joints, help you relax, and help you sleep better. 

4. Our bacteria are Super Friends 

We source our bacteria from a special lab which is third-party tested and doesn't test on animals or use any animal products. Mycobacterium vaccae is being used in clinic tests right now because of the benefits it is showing in helping with depression, anxiety, and offering a greater quality of life. These are the main bacteria you get when you play outside in the dirt! 

5. Earth heals!

We've added natural product that are all found outside in nature in the Earth's soil because we don't get in touch with her enough these days. Grounding is a practice of physically connecting with the earth and studies show that it can help regulate your nervous system! 


  • My husband and I are loving this oil! It will stay on heavy rotation forever in our house. We’re both really sensitive people and use it after our nightly epsom baths for maximum absorption and it had changed our sleep quality AND wakefulness in the morning. All those lovely things aside – it gives us another opportunity to connect to ourselves and each other. AND MJ is an absolute angel and wealth of knowledge with so much passion. I hope to carry the oil in Montréal soon and spread the love <3

    Kayleigh McLarnon
  • Where do you buy it?


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