Why Your Food Choices Have Nothing to do With Willpower

We have known for decades now that what we eat effects the microbiome in our digestive tracks. We know that these bacteria can influence a lot of things from our athletic ability to our immune systems. One new thing that are learning is that the bacteria in our gut can influence our food choices. 

After a long study done on fruit flies, scientists believe they have figured out that food choices are actually a "bottom-up" decision. This means that the bacteria in your gut figure out what nutrients you need and how much, then signal for the host (you) to eat it. This is helping scientists understand why some people seem to have more "will power" with food than others. 

It has nothing to do with willpower at all--it has to do with the type of bacteria they have and how that bacteria is controlling the host. 

There is a common notion that we need to "feed the good bacteria" in our guts but sometimes overwhelming cravings for sugary/fried foods and alcohol can sabotage that. This is because the bad bacteria in the gut is greater than the good bacteria and it has begun to "run the show". 

Here are three ways to help create balance again:

  1. Focus on Polyphenols 

    This is found in herbs, spices, coffee, cocoa, etc. Rather than stressing out about what not to eat, focus on adding a dose of polyphenols in a day--these aren't digested in the small intestine and make their way to the colon feeding the bacteria there. An example of this would be a morning mocha! Just brew mold-free coffee (like Bulletproof) then add some cocoa with some MCT oil. The oil helps you absorb the polyphenols. 

  2. Get Moving! 

    You don't have to go to the gym everyday if you hate it, but find something you like doing that helps you move around. Even dedicating 20 min in the morning is a nice dose of fresh air and movement. This can help your body regulate the bacteria on its own! 

  3. Probiotics! 

    These can be taken orally, or thanks for the skin-gut axis they can be absorbed through the skin. Earth Oil uses a special blend of probiotics that come from the soil and ones that are commonly found in the healthy gut. They are clinically proven to help with anxiety, skin issues like acne and eczema, and your immune system. 

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