Can Probiotics Help with Eczema and Depression?

Learn About The Probiotics in Earth Oil
Here are Earth Connection Oil we take probiotics pretty seriously. There is a theory called symbiosis and this means that all living beings living in harmony creates health, joy, and balance. Not only is the world a big ecosystem, but you as a person are also an ecosystem! Some scientists even believe that we are made up of more bacteria than we are made up of human cells! 
A lot of research is showing that time spent in nature and cultivating a relationship with nature is positive for human health. We believe that this has a lot to do with cultivating a diverse ecosystem in your body. Probiotics aren't just for eating, thanks for to the skin-gut axis there is a correlation between absorption through the skin and absorption through the gut. Our goal was to create an oil that would offer the benefits of spending a day romping around in nature, but be something you can use before a busy day in the city. There is a reason why going on vacation feels so good--it's because spending time on the earth makes us happy!
Below we'll talk about each probiotic strain that we used and how it can help cultivate balance and health in your lil ecosystem. 

Mycobacterium Vaccae

These little friends are ABUNDANT in our soil. They are actually the secret to how topsoil is so important for plants to grow! Research is showing that the more we interact with these bacteria the less anxious and depressed we are. There are even several studies linking this bacteria to mental and physical performance. Feeling isolated living in the city? Meet your new BFF.  

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Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

This is the skin expert bacteria. These little friends are on the for front of treating super stubborn cases of eczema and acne. These bacteria actually change the gene expression so that your skin heals and becomes radiant. This is not just treating the symptoms, this is treating the cause. 
Hope you enjoyed reading about the little bugs that we call friends! 


Disclaimer: we are not Doctors or pharmacists. This is a natural product with no clinical trails done using it so we cannot claim that it heals or treats any medical conditions. A lot of the studies we post are Pubmed articles in which the ingredients of this product is used and/or subjective experiences. Always see a doctor for help with diagnoses and treatments. 

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