Can You Take Supplements Through Your Skin?

transdermal supplements


When we think about taking our vitamins and minerals we usually think about the handful of pills that we swallow in the morning (if we remember). Some are taken before food, and some after or with none. Some need to be taken away from each other and some work better together. If you've ever taken more that 2 supplements you know that this can get confusing really quick. 

There is a way to leave behind the pills and stress of wondering whether you just paid for really expensive pee. The secret organ is you skin! We're all familiar with patches for nicotine and hormone therapy, but did you know that transdermal delivery (through the skin) can be used for a lot of your daily supplements! 

This is often disregarded as accurate by companies in terms of dosing but that is where the power of your skin's natural intelligence comes into play. If the supplement is suspended in a natural and organic substance then the skin will naturally absorb what your body needs! This takes the guesswork out of dosing. Dosing supplements is very arbitrary because everyone has different digestive systems which allows them to digest supplements differently. 

Don't want to walk around with a giant patch on you? We got you. 

The Earth Oil line is simple organic oils that you rub onto your skin that allows for you skin to decide what it needs that day! No weird patches, no confusing pills, and very soft and glowing skin. It's a win-win. 

Earth Oil is a small hand crafted luxury transdermal supplement company that is changing the game of how you take supplements. 

Ready to turn taking supplements into a daily self-care ritual?

Shop Here. 

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