How to Have the Most Healing Bath Ever


Most Healing Bath Ever

Okay, by now you probably know that having a bath actually does make things better. The trust is, water actually does heal us--this is why Ariel the Mermaid was so powerful and also why her hair looked so perfect all the time. You *cannot* argue with this science. 

Rather than dumping in a bunch of weird chemicals into your bath, try going to natural root and adding some natural products in that will nourish and heal your skin. Basically a bath is like building a giant cauldron with potions. 

Here is what we are adding into our baths to help heal ourselves! This ranges from sore muscles after trying F45 and secretly crying so the instructor doesn't see to helping your digestion because the holidays are here and this means unlimited cookies obviously. 

Ingredients for Most Healing Bath Ever

  • Earth Oil! The oil and probiotics will help heal skin issues and the magnesium will absorb into your skin.  
  • 1 cup of Himalayan Salts. 
  • A few drops of essential oils (we love ylang ylang and lavender). 

Okay this is where things get weird. Before getting in, use your right hand and get the water swirling clock-wise. While you do this, repeat in your head what you want to heal three times. This could be ANYTHING. 


Then, sit in the bath and just let your mind wander. Take some deep breaths. Be present. Allow yourself to do nothing. 



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