The Magnesium Oil Benefit We Never Talk About.

When we talk about taking magnesium as a supplement either by digesting it or by applying transdermally--we usually hear about all the amazing benefits that it can help us with. Some people take it because it helps them sleep, some people use it for anxiety, & some people notice it helps them recover from a workout faster. In reality, magnesium has over 600 functions in our body so to make a list of how you can benefit from it would be longer than Dolly Parton's marriage (she's going on 54 years married to the same man wow). 

The benefit we never talk about is PMS--which stands for pre-menstrual cycle if you've never had a guy ask you if you're PMS'ing while you simultaneously eat/nap/get upset with everything/and cry because your dog just... is.  

Did you know that 3/4 women have experienced PMS in their life time and some women even commit suicide because it is so unbearable. Not chill. 

Studies have come out saying that taking magnesium can help with PMS symptoms such as: cravings, depression, bloating and water retention, anxiety, and pain. 

Sign me up. 

Start adding some magnesium into your life and see how this magical underrated mineral can help you feel like YOURSELF all month long. 


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