The Supplement for Pregnancy We Never Talk About


Becoming a mama isn't easy, and there's an endless list of things not to do, and not to wear, and what to wear and what not to do and it can all be a bit overwhelming. While we all love spending 7 dollars on a adaptogen latte, sometimes the best thing to help us relax is a simple mineral from the earth. Full disclosure: I AM drinking an adaptogenic latte while I write this. ;) 

When we have a tiny person inside of us, there is a small chance they will be magnesium deficient but before that happens they will literally rob you of all of your magnesium (were they not satisfied with the sleep and normal bowel movements they already took from you?). Okay here is the not-so-fun truth about magnesium deficiency and pregnancy: If you are low on magnesium, you’re actually less likely to conceive because of possible spasms in the fallopian tube. If you do get pregnant, your risk of having a miscarriage is higher and you are more likely to go into labor prematurely because of uterine hyperexcitability (in other words, an over-sensitive uterus). The life-threatening pregnancy complication preeclampsia is associated with a magnesium deficiency, and the same goes for gestational hypertension, as well as leg cramps and water retention. Magnesium is ESSENTIAL for a happy and easy pregnancy. 

Being magnesium deficient is a scale though and sometimes symptoms like an eye twitches, cramps, anxiety, mood disorders, and difficulty sleeping can be warning signs. When you're trying to conceive and you think you might be deficient, try upping your magnesium for a few months before conception, and if you're already pregnant then it's never too late to start! 

Up your magnesium by 

  • Eating lots of leafy greens, nuts, fish, and organic produce

  • Make sure you get lots of vitamin D 

  • Avoid processed foods (the deplete magnesium)

  • Take mineral baths and use a magnesium oil

Lastly, make sure you're not stressed! Being a mama is about create abundance of all the good things. 

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