Earth Oil is a firm believer that we cannot have freedom, until everyone is free. That is why there is a discount code now available for BIPOC. This discount code is "LOVEEQUALITY" and it is 22% off everything, always. By integrating this into the company structure we hope to encourage and support equality.

earth oil is a luxury probiotic transdermal supplement line which uses natural ingredients from the earth to promote healing. simple, natural, & cruelty free. always.


 Supplements are better absorbed transdermal (through the skin). 

All organic and natural ingredients. 

Oils that don't irritate the skin. 

Safe for pregnant women and children. 

Probiotics to help you feel connected to the earth and support well-being. 

Each bottle is hand-made. 

Probiotic Magnesium Pain Relief and Relaxing Body Oil


The Science